Malaysian Blue Worms

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Malaysian Blue Worms – the odourless living composter.

Be a worm farmer at Home.

You can farm it in your balcony, kitchen corner or garden.

And what you get is pure grade organic fertiliser for your flowering plants, herbs, and vegetables.

All you need to do is to feed the Malaysian Blue Worms with your kitchen leftovers.

Fruit peels, vegetables, egg shells, newspapers, all make excellent food for these Super compost worms.

Nothing goes to waste. The worm is the master recycler. It can eat its own weight of waste Everyday.

Available at Petmart, the Can-O-Worms is an Australian made composting system designed for people of all ages. Very, very user friendly.

Odourless living Composter. Simple to set up. Can be used for a very long time.

A real practical educational experience for the entire family and help save the earth.

The number 1 choice of bait for Fishing. A premium food for birds and aquarium fishes.

Also available at Petmart (call or WhatsApp 9450-0947) are:
* Vermicast ( worm excretion)
* Potting soil
They are the best organic fertilisers money can buy.

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Exotic Discus of the World edited by Dr Clifford Chan

Discus BOOK. Exotic Discus of the World
This is a year 2003 publication featuring contributions from the Who’s Who from the discus world.

And the conributors include breeders like:
Jack Wattley, Manfred Gobel, and
fish health authority, Dieter Untergasser.

Topics featured:

# From Jack Wattley: The discus world, past present and future. And another article by him on Discus Breeding.

# From Dieter Untergasser: Discus Health

# From O Lucanus: Discus in Nature. He also took the photograph in this book cover which is a male Curipera Discus.

# From A. Orodnik: Enhancing the colours of your Discus.

# From Dr Frederic Chua a vet from Singapore: A Novel feed supplement: Detoxic Liver Herbal Tonic.

# From R. Rothe: Water for Discus

# M. Gobell and Prof. F. Setter: Breeding Healthy “Natural” Discus

# From M. Umera: Collecting Wild Discus

# From Kuan Kuo Yan of Taiwan: Asian Discus: Development and future trends

And also contributions from top Asian breeders like Kitti Phanaitthi (Thailand), Wayne Ng,(HongKong), Chai Koon Seng(Singapore) Lee Tong Juan(Singapore) Mark Tan Chee Lok (Penang),Chan Ming (HongKong).

Hard Cover . 124 pages.
Edited by Dr Clifford Chan from Singaproe who is also the author of the book: Singapore Discus in the New Millennium.

Available at Petmart: Tel: 62896471 Email:

Discus Catalogue by breeder Martin Ng of Malaysia

Discus Catalogue by Martin of Malaysia pix
Discus Catalogue:
Author: Martin Ng
Ring file book system with provision for updates.

The catalogue comes with more than 600 photographs. Each photograph was carefully screened and selected to provide a clearer and better understanding of the various Discus varieties.

The catalogue is based on the author’s experience and reflects his opinion. Due to the complexity of the Discus varieties, some specimens may have certain features and names that are different from what is described in the book.

The objectives of this book are to:
- Provide the latest information on Discus varieties.
- Categorize all the Discus varieties based on their characteristics.
- Explain the possible ways on how each variety may be created.

Because of the versatile nature of the Discus fish, more varieties will be created in the near future.

It is the intention of this book to provide information on these new varieties as and when it becomes available.

About the Author – Mr. Martin Ng

- Breeding Discus fish for more than 10 years
- One of the founders responsible for forming up the Discus Society Of Malaysia in 1999
- Judge for Duisburg International Discus Championship 2002
- Chief Judge for Malaysian International Discus Championship 2002
- President of the Discus Society Of Malaysia 2000 – 2003

Available at Petmart Pte Ltd (tel: 62896471)

Best Discus of Asia (Collection)

Books Asian Discus 2 cropped
Asian Discus 2
Author: Johnny Yip
Soft cover with over 800 pictures

Discus from Asia have taken the world by storm in recent years. Guarded like diamonds and admired with the same awe these Amazonian wonders can cost several thousand dollars a piece.

Some are not even for sale. Secretly bred in a kaleidoscope of colours, these swimming gems are the result of years of painstaking work by Asian discus breeders.

So much was the interest and so intense was their labour that authors from five countries who spent years on research decided to put their findings in a collection five books which was launched by Petmart at Aquarama 2001.

To this day, the Asian discus remains one of the jewel of the East.

One man who made that contribution was advertising executive Mr Johnny Yip whose dedication even brought him to the Amazon river to see first hand the wild discus habitat.

Asian Discus 2, is his second book. His first was Asian Discus which is now out of print. Mr Yip who took almost all the 800 brilliant photographs for Asian Discus 2, took four years traveling all over Asia talking to top breeders.

The result is an impressive collection of pictures showing the various categories of the Asian discus in their full glory.

If you want to know what sort of discus are being bred in Asia, this book shows them all.

Available in both English and Chinese editions. Contact Petmart Pte Ltd: Tel 62896471

Stainless steel all purpose scissors

Angel Power Scissors
The best companion you can ever have during your fishing trip.
Made of stainelss steel, it is strong enough to cut through aluminum cans and even braided fishing lines.
End is blunted for safety reasons. You can use it in the dark without fear of cutting yourself.
Can also be used to cut fish and chicken meat in the kitchen. All purpose use.

Available at Petmart and other fishing tackle shops.

Complete book of fishing knots and rigs

Fishing knots and rigs book
A very to easy understand book on the latest knots and rigs for the amateur as well as the serious angler.
This book with exceptionally clear drawings on how to tie hooks and rigs is dedicated to angers who lose fish without knowing why.

Topics include:

# Line to Terminal tackle
# Tying loops
# Super Lines
# Line to Line
# Line to leader
# Double knots
# Fly fishing knots
# Commercial knots
# Float Fishing
# Saltwater rigs
# Freshwater rigs
# Game and Sport rigs

Softcover: 81 pages of illustrations.
Author: Geoff Wilson
Available at Petmart Pte Ltd: Tel: 62896471

Hydroponics as a Hobby (Set-Up)

How do you like to grow vegetables in your flat or garden?
With hydroponics, you can do it, again and again.
This specially designed hobby set allows you to grow your own vegetables along the balcony of your flat.

And even in your bedroom if you use artificial light tubes.

You can also use it in your garden, or rooftop.
All you need is a 1 m x 1 m space, an electric socket to power an aquarium water pump and you are in the vegetable business.
You can grow almost anything: From kailan, kangkong, leafy vegetables, lettuce to tomatoes
and herbs.


Hydroponic vegetables taste better and you can be sure your own crop will be free of pesticides.
Great for feeding babies.

More information on hobby hydroponics available from our website under Info Desk.

Sole Distributor: Pethouse Supplies Pte Ltd

This hobby hydroponics set is available from Petmart Pte Ltd (Tel 62896471) and garden shops.

Milwaukee Refractometer

Milwaukee refractometer
The Milwaulkee hand held refractometer is a precision optical instrument used for measuring concentrations of substances in aqueous solutions.

It works using the principle of light refraction through liquids.

When passing light trough a liquid the refracted angle will be shown on the scale determining the amount of dissolved solids in the liquid, letting you find how your plants are utilizing the nutrients.

Very simple to use: simply place one drop of your sample on the prism and read the results on the scales immediately! Factory calibrated and adjusted to measure at 68°F (20°C).

The Milwaukee Hand Held Refractometer has adjustable focus, easy to read numbers for good resolution and zero adjustment screw for calibration.

Distributed by Pethouse Supplies Pte Ltd

Available at Petmart Pte Ltd. Tel 62896471

Hydroponics: Reader Inquiries

Book Hydroponics Q and A
If there is any question you want to ask and get an authoratative answer, you are most likely to find it in this book.

The 178 page soft cover book is published by Practical Hydroponics & Greenhouses. It is a collection of selected questions and answers which the magazine published for the past decade in its Readers Inquiries column.

The questions cover a wide range of topics – everything from basic growing techniquess, to the finer details of making nutrient formulae.

The quetions came from beginners and experienced growers – from the hobbyist to the commercial growers.

Hydroponics Questions and Answers brings together
the best and most useful questions from the readers and presents them as a practical manual for new and existing hydroponic growers.

Its aim is to assist more people to demystify the increasing popularity of hydroponic

The book is published by Casper Publications Pte Ltd of Australia.

Available at Petmart Pte Ltd – Tel 62896471.

Other hydroponics books are also available.
If you have any queries about hydroponics for the
beginners, you can email:

We sell complete hydroponics set-ups for beginners. Guaranteed to work. Set up in 10 minutes. Germinate your seeds and watch your favourite vegetables grow.

Refer to Fishing and others in our website for more details.

Lighting in Horticulture

Lighting in Horticulture
In recent years, there has been a leap forward in knowledge about the beneficial effects of artificial lighting on plant growth and yields.

Also, in combination with new growing techniques, there have been new developments in horticulture lamps, control gear, reflectors and light balancers.

Aftificial lighting can be applied in horticulture in various ways: to supplement daylight in greehouses to increase the irradiance for photosynthesis; to increase the effective daylength or decrease the period of darkness (photoperiodism); as a substitute for daylight in grow rooms where plants are grown under tightly controlled environmental conditions; and as a substitute for daylight in laboratories where plants are grown for research purposes.

For commercial growers, home gardeners and plant researchers, artificial lighting offers total control of the growing season, allowing crops to be grown out of season and on schedule.

This book provides a general knowldge of light and the photobiological processes that take place in plants, and the lighting technology now available to stimulate or control those growth processes.
LIGHTING IN HORTICULTURE examines in detail those light processes and explains how to measure light. It also outlines the various horticulture lamps, control gear, reflectors, and light balancers available on the market that can be used to increase plant growth and yields and includes the basics for designing s simple lighting layout for greenhuse and grow rooms.

Published by Casper Publications, Australia
Author: Steven Carruthers
Soft cover: 56 pages

Available at Petmart Pte Ltd: Tel: 6289647