Exotic Discus of the World edited by Dr Clifford Chan

Discus BOOK. Exotic Discus of the World
This is a year 2003 publication featuring contributions from the Who’s Who from the discus world.

And the conributors include breeders like:
Jack Wattley, Manfred Gobel, and
fish health authority, Dieter Untergasser.

Topics featured:

# From Jack Wattley: The discus world, past present and future. And another article by him on Discus Breeding.

# From Dieter Untergasser: Discus Health

# From O Lucanus: Discus in Nature. He also took the photograph in this book cover which is a male Curipera Discus.

# From A. Orodnik: Enhancing the colours of your Discus.

# From Dr Frederic Chua a vet from Singapore: A Novel feed supplement: Detoxic Liver Herbal Tonic.

# From R. Rothe: Water for Discus

# M. Gobell and Prof. F. Setter: Breeding Healthy “Natural” Discus

# From M. Umera: Collecting Wild Discus

# From Kuan Kuo Yan of Taiwan: Asian Discus: Development and future trends

And also contributions from top Asian breeders like Kitti Phanaitthi (Thailand), Wayne Ng,(HongKong), Chai Koon Seng(Singapore) Lee Tong Juan(Singapore) Mark Tan Chee Lok (Penang),Chan Ming (HongKong).

Hard Cover . 124 pages.
Edited by Dr Clifford Chan from Singaproe who is also the author of the book: Singapore Discus in the New Millennium.

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