Hydroponics: Reader Inquiries

Book Hydroponics Q and A
If there is any question you want to ask and get an authoratative answer, you are most likely to find it in this book.

The 178 page soft cover book is published by Practical Hydroponics & Greenhouses. It is a collection of selected questions and answers which the magazine published for the past decade in its Readers Inquiries column.

The questions cover a wide range of topics – everything from basic growing techniquess, to the finer details of making nutrient formulae.

The quetions came from beginners and experienced growers – from the hobbyist to the commercial growers.

Hydroponics Questions and Answers brings together
the best and most useful questions from the readers and presents them as a practical manual for new and existing hydroponic growers.

Its aim is to assist more people to demystify the increasing popularity of hydroponic

The book is published by Casper Publications Pte Ltd of Australia.

Available at Petmart Pte Ltd – Tel 62896471.

Other hydroponics books are also available.
If you have any queries about hydroponics for the
beginners, you can email: mail@petmart.com.sg

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