Nutri Edge Cat food (chicken and rice formula) for all life stages

Nutri Edge cat food for all life stages (Chicken and Rice formula). Made in USA.

Available in 2 kg packets.

The professional nutritionists and breeders who developed the NUTRI EDGE Cat Food formulas paid special attention to balancing proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals in order to ensure optimal healthy skin & coat of the animals life. NUTRI EDGE Cat Food is speacially formulated to promote uninary tract health. Natural fiber ingredients work to relieve hairballs.

NUTRI EDGE is respected as one of the top quality pet foods in the pet food industry with an established reputation for an uncompromising commitment to quality and innovation. The process of baking foods slowly preserves essential nutrients and aids in digestibility. The use of 100% human grade ingredients offers the perfect nutritional complement to a healthy feline diet.

The exclusive formulas of NUTRI EDGE contains no poultry by products, artificial colouring, wheat or soy, making it great for all cat with food allergies. Because NUTRI EDGE is high density, you feed (25% – 30%) less than other foods. Each serving delivers maximum nutrition and lower stool volume, feces odor and less clean up. Prebiotics were added to increase digestibility, enhance the immune system, eliminate digestive stress such as vomiting, diarrhea and digestive flatulence.