Repti Calcium® without D3

A product made in the USA.

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Repti Calcium® is an ultra fine Precipitated Calcium Carbonate Supplement. It is a phosphorus-free calcium supplement for reptiles and amphibians. It has a unique shape/high surface area per gram resulting in increased calcium bioavailability.
Additional Information:

  • Highly bioavailable source of calcium carbonate.
  • Free of harmful impurities (not from Oyster Shells).
  • Use with reptiles that are able to meet their Vitamin D3.

Repti Calcium® Demonstration

Repti Calcium® is a great source of Calcium for reptiles and amphibians. Check out this video of Zoo Med’s own animal specialist, Ashley, demonstrating how to use Repti Calcium.

Testimonial:“Zoo Med’s New Repti Calcium is my #1 choice when it comes to calcium… I see the difference in my animals. Use it and you will see the difference too!”- Kevin McCurley
New England Reptile Distributors

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Guaranteed Analysis

Item Number: A33-3
Size: 3 OZ
Item Number: A33-8
Size: 8 OZ
Item Number: A33-12
Size: 12 OZ
Item Number: A33-48
Size: 48 OZ
Precipitated Calcium Carbonate
% or IU Amount Per kg
Moisture (max) 1.0%
Calcium (min) 38.0% 280,000 mg
Calcium (max) 43.0% 430,000 mg
Vitamin D3 (min) 0.0% 0.0 IU