Trophy Discus – The art of selecting, grooming and showing Discus

Trophy Discus
Trophy Discus – The art of Selecting, Grooming, and Showing discus.

Authors: Dick Au, Sun See Seng, Francesco Denitto.

Hardcover: 128 pages. 6.5 x 9.5 inches

Unveiled at Aquarama 2007 in Singapore, this latest discus book is the combined effort of three Discus authorities from three countries celebrating the beauty of this majestic fish.

TROPHY DISCUS gives pinpoint advice on what to look out for in selecting show quality discus and how they are judged in competitions.

And you can take their advice as FINAL because the authors are well known international discus judges.

Driven by their passion for the discus they have teamed up to provide a unique revealation of some of the secrets behind the choice of a champion discus.

This book is unique. Unlike other discus authors who reveal their breeding secrets, this book reveals what the judges look for in their choice of a champion.

It is like finding out from your judges what they want before you step into the competiton arena to perform.

No two champions are alike but there are similarities that make the judges vote for them.

It is not just a book for the show contestants but also for breeders because within the 128 pages are crucial suggestions on how to improve existing strains and how to pursue new ones.

But that is not all you can learn from this unique book. This book is a photo essay of all the Trophy Discus, a colourful parade of the champions at Duisburg and Aquarama.

The chapters include:

# A short history on development of discus strains.
# Description of classes of discus in competitions.
# Method of selecting young discus.
# Proper environment, water, temperature and food.
# Summary of the artificial method of raising discus fry.
# How to “create” a new variety.
# Working with established strains to produce a new one.
# Discus competition judging method.
# The Parade of the champions – a photo essay of trophy winners at Duisburg and Aquarama.
# Thoughts of the three co-authors.

The authors are:
Dr SUN SEE SENG from Singapore, a family physician who has been keeping discus for the past 30 years. Founder and president of the Singapore Discus Club from 1987 till present, he has lectured and written articles on discus and is rated as one of the most experience show judges in the competition arena from Singapore, Taiwan, China, Australia, Vietnam, Malaysia to Germany.

FRANCESCO DENITTO of Italy. With a Ph.D in fundemental ecology in Italy, he is a regular lecturer and publisher of hundreds of articles on the discus for international magazines. He is also a much sought after show judge in the international discus circuits. He is the founder of the aquarium association Gruppo Aquariofilo Salentino which organizes the “Mediterranea Discus” contest.

DICK AU from California. His passion with the discus stretches more than 50 years. A veteran international speaker and show judge, he is the author of another book called: “Back to Nature – Guide to Discus” that has been translated into 7 languages and distributed around the world.

With such powerful minds behind this book, the breeding and showing of discus will definitely get a big boost.

The next international discus show is sure to benefit from their advice.

Even if you are not interested in showing your fish in competitions, their guidelines will help you distinguish between a good, a bad and an ugly discus.

The authors have staked their reputation on this book and you can bet that what they have to say are the pillars for the new generations of discus to come.

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