Singapore Discus In The New Millennium by Dr Clifford Chan

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One of the best books on Asian Discus.
Hard cover
102 pages
Author: Dr Clifford Chan
Copyright: Pethouse Supplies

Where aquarium fish is concerned, Singapore is tops. Not just by the volume of exports but by the quality of the fish that are breed in this tropical island.

With discus as the King of the Aquarium and the increasing number of breeders in Singapore, it was no surprise that something had to be written about it.

That self appointed task was taken up by Dr Clifford Chan – a gynecologists. His love for baby discus went back decades.

In fact, he wrote his first discus book called Singapore Discus more than a decade ago. He is a hobbyist turned discus fanatic.

Friends and discus
enthusiasts prompted him and he finally wrote this book called Singapore Discus
In the New Millennium.

The book is now sold all over the world.

The forward is written by Mr Jack Wattley
with an introduction by Mr Johnny Yip of Hong
Kong who took the pictures.

Featured in the book are seven of the most successful breeders in Singapore.

They include insights into the successes of the pioneer Gan family, the creator of the San Merah, international champions and a passionate hobbyist among others.

Other topics include water parameters, nutrition, breeding, and diseases.

If you want to know the water quality in Singapore, turn to page 69 of this spectacular book filled with pictures so colourful that they can decorate any home.

Hard cover: 102 pages
Author: Dr Clifford Chan of Singapore

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