Hydra Aquarium Filters

Patented filters from Qian Hu Coporation. Four models for tank sizes between 50-800 liters.

OF® Hydra Aquatic Depurator

 Hydra Aquatic Depurator, Qian Hu’s patented Hydro-Pure Technology effectively produces Hydroxly ions which constantly depurates the water that detoxifies harmful Ammonia and many other toxic ions to transform poor quality water conditions into a safe and stable living environment for aquatic life forms to thrive-in.
 What is a OF® Hydra Aquatic Depurator?
The Hydra Aquatic Depurator may aesthetically resemble  a normal Internal filter in the market. However what sets it apart is the technology within that results in unparalleled performance of the Hydra Aquatic Depurator

Purer Water. Healthier Aquarium
Model Flow Rates Suitable Tank Sizes
Hydra 20 400 L/H Between 50 – 100 L
Hydra 30 600 L/H Between 100 – 200 L
Hydra 40 800 L/H  Between 200 – 500 L
Hydra 50 1,000 L/H  Between 500 – 800 L