Hiblow Air Pump 20/40/60/80/150/200


The vibrating part has the construction that an actuating rod supported by two special synthetic rubber diaphragms vibrates laterally and this allows long-term continuous operation.

No lubrication

There is no sliding portion between moving parts so that no lubrication is required and the exhausted air is always

High efficiency

Owing to the electromagnetic vibration construction which eliminates sliding parts, “HIBLOW” pump realizes lower power consumption and high performance.

Compact and powerful

“HIBLOW” air pump employs perfectly-balanced vibration mechanism using two electromagnets, one in the front and the other in the rear. This mechanism allows compact size and powerful device.

Low noise

Soundproofing construction from the viewpoint of air circuit and vibration is the key factor in the design of pump and “HIBLOW” pump has exceptionally quiet sound level.

Smooth air flow

Because the exhaust air volume is very constant and there is less pulsation, “HIBLOW” pump is suitable for the application which requires consistent air pressure and supply.