For viable aquarium water.

Avera renders critical substances in tap water harmless and adds active substances. It neutralises dangerous chlorine immediately and binds toxic heavy metals such as copper and lead.

The Complete Care Complex specially developed by DENNERLE offers effective all-round protection for all fish:

High-quality protective colloids envelop fish like a second skin. They provide gills, skin and fins with lasting protection from harmful environmental influences.
Valuable aloe vera boosts resistance to infection and strengthens the mucous membrane.
Dexpanthenol promotes the healing of minor injuries.
A balanced vitamin B complex reduces stress.
Active iodine ensures healthy thyroid glands.

Size For aquarium size (litres)

50 ml – 1,600 l
100 ml – 3,200 l
250 ml – 8,000 l
500 ml – 16,000 l

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