ANGEL Super Sludge Remover

Angel Super Sludge Remover gets rid of waste in a natural and biological way.

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Sludge is a semi solid waste found in every aquarium and pond.It is the result of fish waste and decayed vegetation.

Sludge is NOT good for fish and plant life.

It clogs up filters, makes water cloudy and smelly. It depletes the water of oxygen and encourages algae growth.

It also kills good nitrifying bacteria.

Angel Super Sludge Remover gets rid of sludge in a natural way and biological way. Containing over 2 billion bacteria in every gram of this sludge remover, it eats up solids and suspended particles including oils, fats, grease, proteins ,carbohydrates without you having to flush out the waste (sludge). The super sludge remover also contains enzymes which help in the cleaning process.

This super sludge remover consists of non toxic bacteria and is safe for humans, fish, plants and pets. For fresh and salt water use.