Penang Discus by Shaifullah Yeng

Books Penang Discus

Hard Cover
208 pages with 440 colour pictures and charts
Author: Shaifullah Yeng

In our opinion, this is the best Discus book in the world to date.

It is no ordinary discus book. It is a reference book on discus.

Written by an ex-school teacher and an international fish judge, Mr Shaifullah Yeng leaves no stones unturned in this book that has got the discus world talking and experimenting.

And with good reasons: Backed by decades of experience, Mr Yeng is the head of a family business specializing in exporting discus. And his discus have won international and local awards.

Why is this still the BEST DISCUS BOOK IN THE WORLD?

The 19 chapters in the book testify to this. You will find out how to select and buy a good discus, how to sex them, breed them successfully, how to prepare their favourite food, and how to produce your champion fish.

Colourful genetic charts tell how the much talked about Ghost, Golden, Malboro, blue scorpion Snakeskin and red scorpion Snakeskin were created.

Have you even seen another discus book that tells all these? The discus is the King of the Aquarium and Penang Discus is the King of all the discus books.

The book has over 440 original colour photographs, 20 colour charts and diagrams and if you must know, it took Mr Yeng who exports discus to the world, 39,000 words to tell his special story: Penang Discus.

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