Keeping The Dog As A Pet


A man’s best friend must surely deserve the best money can buy.

At Petmart we have them all. At very competitive prices.

From treats, to specialised diet to the latest medication to get rid of ticks the effective way.

We stock all the major brands of dog foods from the dry to cans to the frozen varieties.

In stock is also a wide range of grooming aids from premium dog perfumes to medicated shampoos

to collars, fashionable leashes and hair trimmers.

For dog owners we have electronic bark controllers.

Want to deworm your dogs and puppies?

Or toilet train them?

Or how about getting a cushion bed or a T-shirt or skirt for that special doggy occasion.

Our premium brands of dog foods come from all over the world including the USA, Europe, and

Thailand. Name it and it is likely to be in stock.

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by petmart