Hydroponic Home Gardening

Hydroponic Home Garden
Hydroponics for Beginners.

Hydroponic Gardening by Steven Carruthers. Soft Cover, A4 size. 64 pages
Hydroponics for the home gardener is an economical and simple way to turn your backyards, no matter how big or small, or balcony into productive vegetable and flower gardens.

HYDROPONIC GARDENING is designed for beginners of all ages, teaches the basics of hydroponic gardening – how to grow hydroponic plants from seeds, and to feed them with naturally balanced nutrients.

It also shows you how to transplant plants from soil to hydroponics and how to take clones from valuable plant stock for hydroponic cultivation.

Once your hydroponic garden is established, learn all about

# the fundamental principles of nutrient management and nutrition
# how to recognize and remedy nutritional disorders
# how to combat pests and diseases the natural way
# how to maintain an ecological balance in your hydroponic garden

The author is founder and publisher of the magazine Practical Hydroponics

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