Fish Alert. Device gives a beeping sound and flashing light when the fish bites. Made in Australia.

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Made in Australia by Dawson, this Fish Alert is one gadget anglers should not leave home without.

The device gives out a beeping sound and flashing light when the rod bends as the fish takes the bait and runs.

Fishing has never been easier.

Just insert any fishing rod into the FISH ALERT holder, sit back relax, and wait for the bite.
When it comes, you are instantly alerted by
a beeping sound and a flashing red light.

No more watching the rod. You can fish and do all the things you want without having to keep your eye on the rod.

No need for light sticks when fishing in the dark
beach or pond.

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Whether you are pouring a drink, baiting a hook, reading a book or simply having a snooze, Dawson’s Fish Alert, which is made in Australia, will get you the attention when a fish bites.

It will spring into action with a “beep – beep -
beep” alarm as well as giving out a flashing red light.


You can use the Fish Alert day or night.
In fresh water and in the sea:

This fish alert is a rod holder with bite alarm.

Operates on nine volt battery (not included.
For normal use, battery can last over a year. Weather proof.

Fantastic for fishing at:

- Ponds
- Beaches
- Jetties
- Riverbanks
- Boats

Just stick your fishing rod into the holder and
wait for the electronic beeping to alert you. Just like your handphone or pager.

Suitable for day or night fishing and for fishing lines from 2 lb to 35 lb.

Guaranteed for one year with full Tips, Tricks, and detailed instructions.

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