Discus: The Naked Truth by Andrew Soh of Singapore

The Naked Truth cover pix
DISCUS: The Naked Truth
AUTHOR: Andrew Soh
Hardcover. 188 pages
Released: Aquarama 2005, May 26 2005

This is the latest and one of the very best you can ever hope to read about the Discus.

The contents of this book are so revealing that the author says it will not go well with some breeders because it reveals too many secrets.

Andrew Soh, a pioneer discus breeder, international speaker and fish judge, is backing up
his authoritative secrets backed by 32 years of experience.

And he tells it straight. He has come up with a way to tell the difference between a male and female discus with 99 per cent accuracy.

“The 1 per cent is not my excuse for the imperfection of my method. Rather, the possibility of
hermaphrodites cannot be ignored”, he says.

To make sure readers get the right picture, he has fully laden the book with graphics because he
wants to go beyond what photographs cannot normally show.

There are 11 chapters in the book covering:

# Selecting the Best
# Culture Tank System
# Breeding
# Artemia Culture
# Sexing
# Grooming A Champion
# Discus Genetics
# Import Quarantine Procedure
# Diseases and Treatment
# List of Commonly used Drugs and Chemicals
# Frequently Asked Questions

This book showcased at Aquarama 2005 gives very detailed drawings of discus shapes and sex organs. In fact no other book has so much authoritative graphics. This is not an ordinary discus book. It is a reference book. The information can mean a make or break in your discus hobby or business.

Most breeders are very secretive about their successes or failures. The successful ones do not want to reveal what they know. Andrew Soh admits that he was like one of them before. But since he has given up commercial discus breeding, he finally decided to reveal all – the naked truth – about his 32 year old passion.

His farm is now concentrating on livebearers and discus keeping is just a hobby. For those who always wanted to know how to raise brine shrimp to the adult stage, this is all revealed in the book.

The secrets revealed in this book will definitely have an impact on the Discus trade.
And it will be for the BETTER.

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